Video Game Prices – How Can a Parent Keep Up?

If you are a parent of children who love playing video games like I am, you know how expensive this activity can be. Of course any true gamer wants to get the game when it is first released. To make this easier, many retailers will let people preorder before the title is even on their shelf. These often cost between fifty to seventy dollars apiece depending on what the particular game is.

I have no problem spending this amount of money for a toy or activity that is going to last my child for a long period of time, but these video games don’t last. I have spent seventy dollars buying the latest installment in whatever RPG series is popular at the moment, only to have my son defeat the game in two weeks. Of course, he gets bored and wants another one to play. The cost of these new releases are ridiculous for the amount of play time they actually provide. Even with some of the new interactive ones that can be used repeatedly, they require the use of additional external devices to fully enjoy them.

The motion sensor games have all types of accessory items like steering wheels, fishing rods and dance mats that children use to play the games. The fact that video games are made to be played by more than one person doesn’t help the situation when dealing with children. They have their friends come over to play games with them and of course they want to have the popular games and accessories to show off to their friends.

I think what really frustrated me through all the years I purchased game consoles and video games was the ever changing formats the game manufacturers designed. After I had already invested hundreds of dollars buying video games for a certain console system they would make a new and improved version that didn’t use the old cartridges or discs. If they did, the graphics were not displayed in the same manner for the old games as they were for the new games.

The other big disappointment came when I tried to sell the old games I had spent hundreds of dollars buying as brand new products and found they were only worth a small fraction of what I had spent. Over the years I have spent well over a thousand dollars in total buying various games, and made back about three hundred dollars in reselling them.

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