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Top Three First Person Shooters to Follow

We are quickly coming up on the holiday season, which to most gamers means one thing: Amazing first person shooters are being released soon. The competition between the FPSs this year will be fierce and deciding where your money goes will be tough.

There are three first person shooters that you should keep your eyes on: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Rage.

Hype around these three games has been phenomenal and each production company is obviously touting that their title is the best; however, the choice really breaks down to what type of first person shooter you really want to play.

RAGE – October 4, 2011

Rage’s main selling point thus far has been that it is being developed by Id Software, the team that created the DOOM and Quake franchises. Like the previous Id Software releases, Rage is filled with horrific creatures, giant guns and lies in a post-apocalyptic setting. Rage is going to be the type fast-paced over the top gaming that both casual and hardcore gamers will enjoy. Vehicle combat, mutants, raider gangs and the Authority will be presented in awesome graphics via Id Software’s new idTech 5 technology, promising a gaming experience like no other before it.

CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 3 – November 8, 2011

Modern Warfare’s trilogy is finally coming to an end this November and gamers couldn’t be more excited about the prospect. Each year for the past 6 years, a new Call of Duty game has been released and they have all consistently been rated extremely well by critics and fans alike. This installment in the Modern Warfare series is sporting new weapons, updated graphics and an end to a fascinating multi-game storyline. Nevertheless, the selling point for Modern Warfare 3 is by far its online gaming. As far as sales and online gaming activity go, MW3 will easily be the victor among any other first person shooter during the upcoming year.

BATTLEFIELD 3 – October 25, 2011

Battlefield 3 is looking to be MW3’s primary competition this year in that it is a first person shooter designed around contemporary battle that utilizes strong storytelling and impressive weaponry. However, among fans of the series, that is about where the similarities end. The battlefield series is known for its complex gaming, vehicular combat and intense online play. Battlefield 3, like its predecessors, is pushing the envelope of realism with environmental and gravitational effects being applied to bullets as well as some of the best graphics ever presented in a video game. For hardcore gamers, Battlefield 3 is a must-buy game and surely won’t disappoint.

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