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Make It Fun By Having A Stars Party

Easy to make, a breeze to carry out, and easily adapted to please a crowd of any age, a Stars Party is an invitation to Party Success!

If you are planning a party, deciding on a theme that will please everyone is often the most difficult part, but a Stars Party can be adapted to fit any age, and the activities are just built right in! By definition, a Stars Party can easily be held outdoors, even at night, and extended outside from a more traditional indoors party. Consider having your party outdoors at a local park or outdoor gathering place with a pavilion. If indoors, simple tin foil stars or glow in the dark stars hanging from a ceiling with fishing line can set the stage.

If your party is outdoors, consider decorating with clear twinkle lights. This will provide plenty of ambient lighting to create a mood, while carrying your theme out very well. Decorate plain, clear plastic plates and cups with glow in the dark stars and moon stickers, and use fluorescent paint and paper to make a happy birthday sign, face paint (it can be applied as guests arrive, instantly transforming each one into a moonchild with their own star or moon proudly displayed) or even mark the boundaries with stars and moons to make sure everyone stays where they should.

Cakes can easily be made by cutting star shapes from large, thin, sheet cakes. These may be layered as needed in graduated sizes to create the size you need to feed all your guests, drizzled with pre-made, melted frosting (Frosting cut edges can me difficult) and decorated with silvery candies or candy stars and traditional candles. Most any punch will work when served in star studded tumblers or even plastic champagne flutes with glow in the dark star stickers and even ribbon curls. Top this all off with a telescope set up in a safe location, and no matter the ages of the guest list, everyone is sure to enjoy your star party!

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